Question: What are the names of the Tinker Bell movies?

Answer: There are currently 6 Tinker Bell movies and thankfully they are all on Netflix Instant Watch. You will have to search by "Secret of the Wings", "The Pirate Fairy" and not "Tinker Bell" to find the 4th and 5th movies.
1. Tinker Bell - 2008
2. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure - 2009
3. Tinker Bell and the Great Rescue - 2010
4. Secret of the Wings - 2012
5. The Pirate Fairy - 2014
6. TInker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast - 2015

Question: What are the different types of fairy talents? And what are the different objects shown when Tinker Bell is born and has to find her talent?

Answer: You have to pay attention but they are all shown at some point in the Tinker Bell movie. 10 icons representing 10 talents are placed around Tinker Bell. These may be the 10 that popped up for Tinker Bell, others may pop-up sometimes. Here they are in order going in a circle from the hammer.

1. Tinker Fairies (of course) - Hammer
2. Healing Fairies - Leaf
3. Light Fairies - Ball of Light
4. Animal Fairies - Egg
5. (Pixie) Dust Fairies - Clam Case - Pixie Dust Alchemy
6. Winter Fairies - Snowflake - The only talent assigned by region because of the cold weather
7. Art Fairies - Paintbrush (tulip)
8. Garden Fairies - Flower
9. Water Fairies - Water Drop
10. Fast Flying Fairies - Whirlwind

Question: What are the realms of Pixie Hollow?

1. Winter Woods - Subdivision: Frost Forest
2. Autumn Woods
3. Summer Glade - Sub-division: Butterfly Cove, Summer Meadow
4. Springtime Square - Sub-division: Needlepoint Meadow, Tinker's Nook
5. The Pixie Dust Tree

Question: In Tinker Bell (original) Tinker flies into the Winter Woods but later in Secret of the Wings no one can cross the border. What happened?

Answer: We know that Lord Malori and the Queen had a relationship that was the cause of the no crossing rule. This could have happened after Tinker Bell (original movie) but before Secret of the Wings. Also, it is possible there is altitude limit to the no crossing rule. In a magical place like Pixie Hollow the air could get warmer as you climb higher in altitude, unlike what we are used to.

Question: Some things seem too unbelievable in Tinker Bell, do you think so too?

Answer: Absolutely. The scene where the Englishman lightens up and relaxes always struck me as slightly unbelievable.

Question: Why does Winter have a Lord but none of the other regions do?

Answer: I assume the Queen appointed more local leadership after the no crossing the border rule was implemented. The Minister of Winter is strangely absent from the Secret of the Wings. She may have been on vacation or attending to other things and it is possible she appointed Lord Malori in her place to fill in.

Question: Why can people fly in the rain with Pixie Dust but not Fairies? Is having fairy wings worse than not having wings?

Answer: Pixie dust is magical and therefore tricky. We know some things about it. Fairies cannot fly in Pixie Hollow or the Mainland without pixie dust. The wings seem to provide greater speed and maneuverability for fairies, so fairy wings are definitely useful. We have never seen it rain in Pixie Hollow, only snow, so rain may not be an issue most of the time for fairies since the spend most of their time in Pixie Hollow.

It is true that Fairies need Pixie Dust to fly on the Mainland where it definitely rains a lot, so when they are there they have to be careful.

Fairies can fly on the Mainland when it is raining using Pixie Dust as long as they do not get hit by raindrops. Vidia tried to fly between the rain drops in Great Fairy Rescue - but ultimately even the best fast flying fairy could not do this successfully. So this leads me to believe that Pixie dust must attach itself to the wings of fairies and when a fairy is hit with rain it washes off the dust causing a crash. People do not have wings so the dust must be attached some where else; likely under their clothes where it cannot be washed off by the rain.

Another consideration is the size of the rain drop relative to the tiny size of the fairy. Imagine a person flying and getting hit with bean-bag chair sized drop of water, it would likley be devasting.

Question: What kind of bug is Blaze

Answer: He is a firefly ("lightening bug" if you are from the South)

Question: Is being a minister a talent? How do you become a minister?

Answer: This is not really mentioned in the movies. We do know there is a minister for each season since we see them all. There are a women for Summer and Winter and men for Spring and Fall.

Question: Does the Queen Clarion have special powers?

Answer: Yes, we know she can give Fairy wings flight. She can also travel as 3 balls of light presumably for faster travel. She can also throw a power-up ball to give extra flying strength like she did to Bobble at the end of Tinker Bell to help carry Wendy's dancer toy.

Question: How does Pixie Dust affect inanimate objects?

Answer: It is hard to say for sure, but we do know most objects sprinkled with Pixie Dust tend to levitate. However, Pixie Dust seems to know when an object is built for a special purpose like Tinker Bell's balloon craft in Lost Treasure. For this object pixie dust provided forward propulsion. As Zarina mentions in Pirate Fairy, the pixie dust containers do not float, since they have a purpose of carrying the dust, the dust seems to know not to levitate this object.

Question: What does Blue Pixie Dust do?

Answer: Blue Pixie Dust restores the Pixie Dust Tree and keeps it from growing weak. It is also a great multiplier and makes more flying dust from other flying dust. Pixie dust is a magical mystery but we do know that dust supply changes. Sometimes it runs out like in Secret of the Wings, sometimes it has to be rationed out and other times when there is a lot of it you can make a snow angel in dust, like in Lost Treasure.

Question: You seem to know a lot about Tinker Bell, why don't you answer questions about the book or video game?

Answer: My kid watches all the Tinker Bell movies OVER and OVER. The kid enjoys them more than any other show, so by default I have watched all 5 movies OVER and OVER. I have never read any Tinker Bell books nor played any of the video games. I do suspect this may be in my future very soon though.

Question: How come Tinker Bell and Blaze talk for a long time and then she cannot understand him when she asks his name?

Answer: I am impressed you noticed this. I believe this is because Blaze's name does not translate well from Firefly to Fairy language. They do seem to understand each other well at first, so another explanation could be attributed to successfully using verbal intonation and gestures. However, since they communicate so effectively about everything except Blaze's name, I think it is just a name translation problem.

Question: Who are all of Tinker Bell's friends

Answer: Tinker Bell probably has too many friends to list here. Here are some of her closest friends.

Question: What is Tinker Bell's house made of?

Answer: In the first Tinker Bell Bobble and Clank show her new house and it is clearly made of wood and has leaves for a roof and a pumpkin top door. This is a very spacious house compared to the one we she is in next.

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tinker Bell works and sleeps in a different house that is clearly a teapot on its side. The houses both seem to be located on the same curved tree root or branch. They never say why Tinker Bell replaced her house, but it makes sense given her love of "lost things."

I know what you are thinking... "the backgrounds look different behind her house. Did she move?" Maybe. I think it is due to the slightly different angle and seasonal change in the in the landscape. It may look like a mountain moved, but fairies are very small and it would not take more than a heavy rain to change the landscape seen here.

I know what you are thinking now... "Why does she have leaves on top of the teapot if teapots are watertight? Since this is likely a "lost thing" it may have a crack or hole where the leaves are. Leaves would also help soundproof the roof from the noise of rain.

Question: In The Lost Treasure scene with the Pixie Dust Express boat it looks like the string that holds the boats card motor gets tied to the wrong side?

Answer: This is tough to explain. It certainly does look odd! I think they must have used pixie dust on the string. Magical things are very hard to explain sometimes.

Question: How long do fairies live?

Answer: We are not really sure how long fairies live. We have seen Tinker Bell born into the world in the original Tinker Bell movie and she does not look like a human baby. She is ready to walk, fly and speak right away. The is a scientific word for it "precocial" which means she can walk at birth like ostriches, giraffes and beavers. The oldest looking fairy is The Keeper. He carries a walking stick that he does not really need since he flies everywhere or rides his pet lynx. The staff is more for style it seems. In the Neverbeast we learn that it is less than 1000 years, plenty of time for fun!

Question: Are the Scouts in Neverbeast new? Why have we not seen them before?

Answer: Yes. Scouts have been around since the first Tinker Bell movie. Usually they are stationed in pine cones hanging in trees to keep an eye out for hawks (which eat fairies). They used to throw berries and acorns at hawks. It used to be a more passive role spotting and alerting sort of like a mall security guard. However, by the time the Neverbeast wakes up, they have stepped up their game and trained into more of a fairy special forces. A team of 5 fairies led by Nyx seem to be the best of the best. All women, they use javelins, bolos, nightshade powder, nets and one uses a bow and arrow to defend Pixie Hollow.

Question: "Winter woods... So this is where its gonna get hard. First movie Clank and Bobble show Tink winter wood and fly through it... Later in secret of the wing we find out there's a ban on being there and your wings will freeze... Pirate fairy when Zarina knocks everyone out clank has to keep the winter fairy's wings cold furthering this theory. In the never beast they once again are the forest and their wings are just fine. Is there an explanation why there wings don't freeze and there was no ban in the first movie?"

Answer: There is no explanation for this provided in the Neverbeast. However I think we can make some assumptions until proven otherwise with new movies. My best guess is that the fairies have learned a lot about the Winter region by now. Just like our winters, not every day is a freezing temperature even if there is still snow on the ground. Tinker Bell and Fawn both put on there Winter jackets but leave their wings exposed without a frost coating from a Winter fairy. It was probably cold that day, just not cold enough to freeze their wings. The Scouts appear to wear base layer thermals, a more appropriate athletic choice. The absence of a Winter ban in the first movie is addressed above in the fourth question.

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